Must Have Monday: Vintage Nautical

Gents, this summer is all about vintage nautical style and thankfully you don’t need to rob an old seadog to get it.  Think light, weathered hues, leather slops, straw hats and stripes, fresh sea breezes and fish on the braai. You’ll find everything you need (besides your fishing rod) in store.

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  • Lawrence Dube Phala (@FAKE_ANGEL)

    I Just bought the slingback and the nautical stripped sweater on Saturday… I love the slim fit chinos, I wish they came in a variety of colors.

    • unrestrictedliving

      Great to hear that you’ve got your summer wardrobe waxed, Lawrence.

  • diné

    Looks awesome! I’m loving the blog :)

    • unrestrictedliving

      Thanks, Dine!