Our summer 2011 bucket list

We believe that holidays are all about having fun and getting to do the things that we often don’t have time for during the year. With this in mind we’ve put together our summer 2011 bucket list – a list of things we love to do that we’ll be ticking off one by one this summer. We hope that you’ll be enjoying them too!

An early morning swim or surf followed by a mean skottel fry-up.
A bike ride around the hood.
Devouring a watermelon in the midday heat.
A lazy afternoon braai alongside the pool.
Lying on the grass in the shade of a tree reading a new book.
A picnic on the beach.
A 30 Seconds contest.
Afternoon naps – whenever possible.
Watching a local band perform live.
Grabbing every opportunity to have fun with family and friends.

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